Glogreen Global LLC, is a Wyoming company created to Hold and sell the Factories (The "Tool") to developers all over the world. This will allows them to build real-estate, with almost NO middle men, for people no matter where they are in the world.

We started with utilizing materials and methods that corresponded to our criteria to put Earth, Humans and the Economy on an equal level. After 16 years of perfecting our technology and processes, our goal is to build the first Factory.


As detailed in the white paper, a project of this magnitude could never have been done solely with a "working" team, but only by tapping the voluntary knowledge of an entire community.

That being said, there is a group of people who have bought into the vision of Glogreen and making the dream a reality. Here are some of them...

External technical and strategical support
- John Decarlo, CTO, Columbia Tech
- Bill Laursen, CEO Micron Solutions and Micron Products
- Jason Hale, business strategy

Operations Team
- Lisa Fuqua, MBA (Lead)

Financial Team
- Chimi John Kadyia, Civil Engineer/LEED AP - CEO of Glogreen, LLC (Lead)

Marketing Team
- Aaron McCroskey, Graphics Design/marketing strategy (Lead)
- Jason Pittman, Graphic design

Engineering/Development Team
- Alex Wong, Engineer (Lead)
- Leonardo Farruggia, Electro-mechanical/construction Engineer
- Thelma Naranjo Ramirez, Architect
- Christian Montanari, Mechanical Engineer
- Jeffrey Terziyan, Structural Engineer
- Ehsanullah Yonasi, Civil/Structural Engineer
- Nicholas Clerget, Structural Engineer
- Didier Hecq, Construction Engineer
- Nathaniel Castillo, Electrical Engineer

IT and Network
- Dan Putnam, Material/IT Engineer (Lead)

- Lauren Thomson

- Angelo Farruggia

Contact us

30 N. Gould street, Ste R - Sheridan - 82801 WY - USA