Glogreen Global
Real Estate Development Connected by Decentralized Technology

We are GloGreen Global

Real estate developers, there’s finally a technologic approach that will disrupt and radically alter the construction industry. GloGreen Global brings to market a holistic, human-centered solution that has torn down and rebuilt the business of construction from the ground up.

Introducing the Factory

At the core of this new vertically integrated worldwide business model is a state-of-the-art, technological factory that will reinvent the world of construction and real estate, one city at a time.

Forecasting in Turbulent Conditions?

Real estate development and construction models have been forced to gamble on material costs to forecast profit margins. As markets shift, timing has become unpredictable. It’s clear the global marketplace and its worldwide supply chain has proven the old methods are in need of a change. A big change.

By collaborating with developers, architects, engineers, masters in robotics, and performing a deep analysis of the supply chain, GloGreen is delivering disruptive technology, and a sustainable business model to answer today’s construction challenges.

The GloGreen Global Model: Five Steps to (R)Evolution