Project Summary

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The housing crisis is a deep and complex problem. Not only is this a problem in our country, but the entire world also needs a new, disruptive technology and business model. Current solutions are failing, and one cannot simply rely on the Government to ease the costs of construction by building “low-income housing”. Ultimately, these current strategies will continue to perpetuate newer ghettos that are not sustainable.
Our new vertically integrated business model and state-of-the-art technological factory will completely change the world of construction and real estate
A brand-new manufacturing process is the Future!
We are bringing five important changes:

  1. Our Factories must be local or within a 100-mile radius of the development territory, because real estate is a local problem.
  2. The Factory is automated primarily to reduce the time of construction, making the amount of labor minimal. It also guarantees quality control that cannot be achieved by human. This further eliminates the rudimentary permit process, make every construction development an “appliance”.
    a. Our Factory can build ALL development types of the Developer’s wishes (Schools, Hospitals, Resorts, Hotels, warehouses, etc.).
  3. The construction is based on three materials that cover 80% of the construction and are recycled, local and cheap:
    a. Structural
    b. Insulation
    c. Finish products (sinks, tubs, tiles, counters, flooring, roofing etc.).
  4. Our Factories will be self-contained and have all the necessary licenses for a traditional Type I construction permit.
    a. All Licenses owned by the factory include Engineer, Architectural and Contractors licenses.
    b. It is a One Stop Shop for every part of the construction process:
    i. Entitlements, permits and calculations
    c. Total Construction (off site and onsite, from foundations to roofing). We call this TURNKEY SMART DEVELOPMENT (TSD). So smart, that every building or structure has strategic sensors to detect and monitor every aspect of the technology. Imagine a plumbing leak that is detected by a sensor right before damage or issues arise. The sensors detect and sends messages or schedules the maintenance depending on the severity of the issue. Data from those sensors will be sent to the factory that built it, to further optimize performance.
  5. Lastly, the Factory does NOT sell. It is not a customer-based business. It is a Tool that will entitle, build, and manage every project for the Developer. It is a 501c3 (Non-profit) Company/Factory/Developers Tool, that builds


a. Changing the PROFIT Process:
i. Today, a Developer must forecast the profits all the intermediaries in the industry before he can make his own profit. This is already a problem in the traditional business world (stocks, storage, commodities). In the Real Estate business, where development time is lengthy, and the projects value is based on a globalization, a developer can go out of business with a single project! This is especially true when a Developer has already paid everyone, and has gone through all the normal obstacles, before even completing his development project. Additionally, at the moment the developer is ready to sell their building, the economy may have been altered by unforeseen, devaluing their project less than the costs incurred to build.
ii. By putting all the licenses under the Factory “umbrella” the Developer can build his/her buildings or projects at fair market cost. Consequently, without having to pay the profits to outside entities, such as architects, engineers and contractors, the combined savings average 40% of the entire cost of the construction project.
iii. This is a disruptive approach and will forever change the course of building for the Future World! It’s also the core of our business model and the solution to the National Housing Crisis! You can cut back the construction cost by 60% globally and achieve astounding profits and astonishing finished products.