Technology 1. Specialized Manufacturing. Fabricating Materials.

At the core of the revolution will be 360,000 sq ft factories that will fabricate materials unique construction project modules, which will then be delivered and assembled directly to the site.

The GloGreen Factory will centralize all aspects of a project. From framing, HVAC, insulation, plumbing, and electrical, and including other finish items such as fixtures, sinks, toilets, tile, countertops, wall panels, roofing, and more. These can be custom fabricated using robotics, advanced concrete technologies, and machinery.

Technology 2. Embracing Automation.

Manufacturing a project to specification requires precision that human labor is unable to consistently produce even with extensive experience. By integrating robotics into the manufacturing process, we achieve a reliable level of precision otherwise unattainable.

Our modular manufacturing strategy embraces automation to eliminate the burden of monotonous labor, allowing humans to focus on creating, designing, engineering, and analysis.

Each robot and machine will be attached to a “controlled A.I.” learning software, allowing self- learning and auto-correcting operations. This software will be linked to every GloGreen factory in the world allowing for the transference of any new knowledge on a real-time basis with all other robots.

Technology 3. Improved Go-To Market R&D

In construction, new material, design, idea, or technology must undergo a lengthy and costly certification process. Once certified and ready for market, convincing contractors to use new technique is long, arduous, and painstaking. These hurdles stifle innovation by builders and developers.

The role of GloGreen Global will be to create financial resources for R&D labs all over the world to perform research on everything necessary to optimize the efficiency of its licensees (the Developer Factory).

Inspired by the tech world’s treatment of over-the-air updates, each factory will have an immediate and direct link to GloGreen Global Laboratories, the Research and Development Headquarters, in order to access the latest design ideas, technical information, system upgrades, and scientific innovations.

The entire “go-to market” cost is eliminated, because every factory in the world will have access to those new technologies and solutions.

Technology 4. Real-Time Monitoring delivers Optimum Quality Control.

GloGreen utilizes possibly the largest single contribution from the world of Site Reliability Engineering: robust, end-to-end monitoring. Modern vehicles and software are rife with sensors and alerts that work to keep the support staff apprised of failing systems, system health, and upcoming maintenance. Shouldn’t our homes be equipped with the same?

While home-based sensor systems exist on the market today, they are often an afterthought or assembled from various vendors with no standard set of protocols or other inter-communications. We believe buildings should be built with an eye toward metrics and early alerts should occur during the drafting phase.

It’s not about equipping a home to be a smarthome; it’s making the home a living entity.